Policy Dialogue on Ukraine’s Decarbonisation Strategy and Green Rebuilding Priorities held in Kyiv

16 March 2023


On 16 March the Energy Community Secretariat held a Policy Dialogue Event in Kyiv, cohosted with Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, with participation of a number of collaborating international partners.

Following a keynote address, delivered by Director Lorkowski and Mr.Yaroslav Demchenkov, Deputy Minister of Energy, Government of Ukraine, speakers considered how to frame Ukraine’s decarbonisation strategy in the context of green rebuilding, in line with climate neutrality commitments, the EU accession process and the role of the key instruments for strategic policy planning, such as integrated National energy and climate plans (NECPs). 

Representatives from Poland, the EU, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and civil society presented their perspectives on the issue, while the Energy Community Secretariat framed the discussion within the context of Ukraine’s NECP and the planning, reporting and monitoring of energy and climate policies. It was stressed that future security of supply of the country shall be programmed under the NECP and to be ensured by decentralisation and decarbonization of the energy system, with the full engagement of all key stakeholders, including at national and at local level.

Overall, participants underlined the need for decarbonisation to be at the heart of post-war reconstruction in Ukraine and emphasised the importance of international and inter-institutional collaboration in delivering green rebuilding objectives. Such coordination should contribute to the broader international effort focused on assisting Ukraine under G7+ platform.

In this context, the Energy Community Secretariat announced the establishment of the Reflection Group chaired by the former Polish Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate – Mr Michal Kurtyka - who confirmed his personal dedication to the process during the meeting. The role of the group will be to provide a consultative platform on a comprehensive NECP for Ukraine reaching out to all international partners engaged.

status: 10th week / 2023

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