Moldova takes first step towards electricity supply diversification

12 May 2022

Moldova’s main electricity supplier, Energocom, has signed a contract with the Ukrainian hydropower producer, Ukrhydroenergo, for supplying around 30% of demand in Moldova for the period from 12 until 31 May 2022.

Director Lorkowski said: “The majority of electricity in Moldova is produced from Russian gas, and the country is fully dependent on this single source of gas which has proved to be unreliable. In that context, the import of carbon-free electricity from Ukraine that de facto replaces Russian gas is truly a very positive development for energy diversification and decarbonization in Moldova. It also shows that despite the Russian invasion Ukraine has the potential to be a provider of energy security in the region.

The diversification of supply sources will be facilitated further by Electricity Market Rules, scheduled to enter into force on 1 June 2022, which set the basis for a centrally administered balancing mechanism.

Continuing to upgrade its legal framework and enacting genuine market-based principles will enable Moldova to further integrate its energy market with Ukraine and EU Member States following the emergency synchronization with Continental Europe. Together with international partners, the Energy Community Secretariat will support Moldova in building a competitive and transparent electricity market and contribute to the welfare of the Moldovan economy and its citizens.

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