Energy Community Secretariat on high-level mission to Moldova

6 May 2022

Director Lorkowski and Deputy Director Buschle met the President of Moldova Maia Sandu, the Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita, and the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Andrei Spinu, during their mission to Moldova this week. The discussions focused on practical measures to support Moldova in ensuring electricity supply from Ukraine in the short-term and setting up an internal mechanism enabling efficient cross-border exchanges on a continuous basis with Ukraine and later also with Romania.

Director Lorkowski underlined: “For now the mode of operation is crisis. Yet the need to gradually switch from the current emergency procurement process to a well-designed and continuous procurement procedure conducted by stakeholders in charge of implementing market mechanisms is more urgent than ever. This will help eliminate uncertainties, strengthening Moldova’s security of energy supply”.  

Full compliance with the Energy Community acquis is needed to establish the strong legal and regulatory basis needed to capitalize on the potential benefits of integration of Moldova and Ukraine with the grid of Continental Europe. With that goal, the Secretariat committed to support the Moldovan authorities in transposing the package of regulations and directives adopted by the Energy Community Ministerial Council in November 2021.

The inauguration ceremony for the Secretariat's new premises in Chisinau featured a roundtable discussion with key Moldovan experts on the measures needed for market mechanisms to deliver efficient and affordable electricity supply. The Secretariat’s Chisinau office, led by Senior Energy Expert Denis Tumuruc, will serve as the link between the Secretariat and national and international energy stakeholders in Moldova.  

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