Energy Community joins discussions at informal meeting of EU Energy Ministers in Prague

12 October 2022

Energy Community Contracting Parties and Director Lorkowski attended the informal meeting of EU Energy Ministers today. During a special session dedicated to exchanges between the Contracting Parties and EU Member States, Ministers discussed energy security, winter preparedness and high energy prices against the backdrop of the ongoing war in Ukraine, the decreasing supply of Russian gas to Europe and the related energy crisis.

During the discussion, Director Lorkowski thanked the Czech Presidency for including Energy Contracting Parties in the discussion and updated the European Commission and EU Energy Ministers about the current situation regarding winter preparedness in the Contracting Parties. The importance of the Energy Community as a framework for tackling joint energy challenges and coordinating actions to ensure the stability of the European energy system was underlined.

Ministers called for close and regular collaboration between Contracting Parties and Member States and stressed the need for increased support from the European Union in light of the dynamically changing, difficult political and economic circumstances.

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Informal meeting of energy ministers, 12 October 2022, Prague