Certification under the Third Energy Package refused for a second time to the Georgian electricity and gas TSOs 

22 July 2022

By decisions of 7 July 2022 the Georgian regulatory authority GNERC refused certification of Georgian State Electrosystem (GSE) and Georgian Gas Transportation Company (GGTC), the Georgian electricity and gas transmission system operators. It gave both TSOs a deadline to comply with the conditions from the Final Decisions by 1 August 2022 and to notify GNERC of fulfilling those conditions by 8 August 2022.

On 24 June 2022, the Secretariat had adopted Opinions 1/22 and 2/22 on the unbundling of GSE and GGTC. In the Opinions, the Secretariat agreed with GNERC’s assessment that GSE and GGTC do not comply with the unbundling provisions enshrined in Article 9 of the Electricity and the Gas Directives. Most notably, both TSOs are still directly and indirectly controlled by the same public body controlling also the public companies active in generation and/or supply of natural gas.

The Secretariat is working closely with the Georgian authorities, assisting them to ensure compliance of the TSOs with the unbundling requirements.

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