SIDA -Bosnia and Herzegovina Green Economic Development Phase II

Energy efficiency Renewable energy

Beneficiary Country:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina

Donation passport

Starting Year: 2018
Ending Year: 2021
Budget: 4.63 mil USD
Type of Donation: Technical assistance
Status: Ongoing

Lead Donor Contact

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, SIDA

Short description of the overall project

The Green Economic Development Phase II is the continuation to the ongoing Green Economic Development (GED) Project, implemented by UNDP and financed by SIDA since 2014. The project aims at improving and scale up of energy efficiency in BIH. Around 95,000 EUR is reserved within a separate component for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

Short description of activities financed by the donation

Project is being implemented through six interlinked and complementary components:

  • Capacity Building & Legal Framework for EE/RES: Development and capacity building of municipal authorities, Environmental Funds and energy professionals on energy efficient public lighting systems and renewable energy sources and human development benefits of EE/RES projects
  • Institutionalization of energy management: Systematic energy, costs and GHG emission management and monitoring in BiH municipalities
  • Development of financial mechanisms for green economic financing in BiH: Development and adoption of sustainable financial mechanisms within Environmental Protection Funds on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources which are based, contribute and capture/monitor environmental and human development
  • Infrastructure measures in BiH municipalities: Energy efficient public lighting systems; solar systems at public sector buildings; infrastructural energy efficiency and renewable energy measures in public sector buildings
  • Public awareness / marketing campaign: Increasing public awareness on human development as a result of clean/renewable energy and on energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy solution for households living in rural areas, off the power grid.