Support the National Commission for State Energy and Public Utilities Regulation (NEURC) of Ukraine in the Process of Electricity Market Reform

Electricity Regulator

Beneficiary Country:

  • Ukraine Ukraine

Donation passport

Starting Year: 2016
Ending Year: 2018
Budget: 1.6 mil. EUR
Type of Donation: Technical assistance
Status: Closed

Lead Donor Contact

Jamila Amodeo, USAID

Short description of the overall project

There are 6 components in the project: project support, coordination with ACER and EnC Secretariat, strengthened internal coordination with other stakeholders in Ukraine,  and specialized language training; functioning of electricity networks and access of market participants to electricity networks; electricity supply to consumers and consumer protection; support in the introduction of new electricity market segments (bilateral contracts, DayAheadMarket, Intraday, Balancing Market and Ancillary Services Market); support in the introduction and conducting of regulatory monitoring functions on electricity market; support in the implementation of TSO and DSO unbundling and enabling NEURC to certify TSOs. Regulatory convergence, training sessions, study tours are planned for those components.

The purpose of this project is to provide NEURC with necessary knowledge and skills enabling this institution to drive the electricity market reform process in the direction of full compliance with the acquis and to address issues related to the reform of the electricity market due to the new Law "On operating principles of the electricity market of Ukraine".


Short description of activities financed by the donation

  • Component 1: Project support and specialised language training The capability of NEURC`s staff to achieve the objectives of the Twinning project is strengthened through efficient coordination of activities, shared understanding of the project implementation strategy and English language proficiency.
  • Component 2: Access of market actors to electricity networks NEURC is fully equipped with knowledge and skills on the issues related to the access of market actors to the electricity networks, which should be organised in line with the provisions of the EnCT acquis.
  • Component 3: Switching electricity supplier, switching/appointment of Default Supplier / Supplier of Last Resort. NEURC management and staff gets necessary training, experience and skills on the regulation of customer’s right in switching electricity supplier, switching/appointment of Default Supplier / Supplier of Last Resort.
  • Component 4: Regulation of Default supplier / Supplier of Last Resort operation Legal and regulatory capacity of NEURC in the area of regulation of Default supplier / Supplier of Last Resort operation is strengthened to the extent to ensure further transposition in the Ukrainian regulatory framework of relevant provisions of EnCT acquis on public service obligations and customer protection.
  • Component 5: Support in the development of Day-ahead Market Rules. Legal and regulatory capacity of NEURC on Day Ahead Market operation is developed.
  • Component 6: Support in the implementation of TSO and DSO unbundling.
  • Result 6: Capacity of NEURC in supporting the TSO and DSO unbundling is enhanced