Energy Efficiency Project in Georgia

Energy efficiency

Beneficiary Country:

  • Georgia Georgia

Donation passport

Donor/IFI: NEFCO, Other
Starting Year: 2018
Ending Year: 2020
Budget: 5.14 mil. EUR (NEFCO 2.83 mil., E5P 1.87 mil., Denmark 0,44 mil.)
Type of Donation: Technical assistance
Status: Ongoing

Lead Donor Contact

Bo Nyhus, NEFCO

Short description of the overall project

The project aims at demonstrating the applicability of new building codes, which are being developed in the country. In total 25 public buildings with different functions such as schools, kindergartens and municipality administration offices located in three different climate zones in Georgia will be included in the project.

The planned energy efficiency measures is planned to generate annual cost-savings of approximately EUR 200,000 for the Government of Georgia. Expected annual CO2 reductions are approx. 1,300 tonnes. Furthermore, up to 10,000 people, mainly children, teachers and public employees will benefit from the upgraded buildings and better conditions.


Short description of activities financed by the donation

Energy efficiency measures include improvements of roofs, walls and pipes, installation of new ventilation systems, installation and replacement of boilers, installation of heat pipes, installation of thermostatic valves and other automation control systems, installation of LED lamps and exterior lighting systems as well as installation of solar PV energy systems.