Promotion of Energy Efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ProEE)

Energy efficiency

Beneficiary Country:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina

Donation passport

Donor/IFI: GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH)
Starting Year: 2016
Ending Year: 2019
Budget: 2.25 million EUR
Type of Donation: Technical assistance
Status: Closed

Lead Donor Contact

Sibylle Strahl

Short description of the overall project

Together with its partner the project seeks to improve both the framework conditions for energy efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the fulfilment of obligations under the Energy Community Treaty. Other components of assistance are focused on implementation of the legal framework for energy efficiency in buildings, development of energy efficiency information system and provision of energy efficiency services for municipalities.



Short description of activities financed by the donation

The project focuses on technical support in the following three main areas

Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD)

  • Develop and enhance the legal framework for energy efficiency in buildings within the building permit regime
  • Develop instruments and procedures to meet EPBD requirements
  • Support building applications of change projects, along with constant technical capacity development of both public and private actors.

Energy Efficiency Information System (EEIS)

  • Support strategic planning by improving the regulatory framework and making room for investment programs which aim for savings of energy consumption
  • Support networks for dialogue about the information system in both entities
  • establish instruments/modules for EEIS and related services, as well as capacity development for EEIS relevant actors on all government levels (data collection, analysis, planning tools)

Energy Management in Municipalities

  • Establish a monitoring system for services (in the fields of energy efficiency and energy management) delivered to municipalities and certified energy managers
  • Support adaptation of existing energy efficiency instruments and services for municipalities
  • Support to establish the legal framework to regulate the introduction and implementation of energy management.
  • Develop capacities of service providers contributing to dissemination of know-how and instruments.