Serbia - Construction and commissioning of waste water treatment plant at TPP Kostolac B

Environment Electricity

Beneficiary Country:

  • Serbia Serbia

Donation passport

Donor/IFI: European Union, National IPA
Starting Year: 2017
Ending Year: 2019
Budget: 8 mil. EUR
Type of Donation: Investment grants
Status: Closed
European Union

Lead Donor Contact

Gligo Vukovic, EU Delegation in Serbia

Short description of the overall project

Requirements from the Energy Community Treaty, adoption of set of environmental laws in Serbia, and specially Law on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control, PE Electric Power Industry of Serbia (PE EPS) is under obligation to align the operation of its thermal power plants with the provisions of legislation by the end of 2015 in terms of harmful substances emission into waters. One of the conditions for obtaining an integrated permit in accordance with IPPC Law for further operation of thermal power plants after 2015 is the construction of waste water treatment plant.


Short description of activities financed by the donation

In order to treat industrial waste waters from the electricity production, new facility will be constructed which will provide adequate waste water treatment under all necessary technical – technological and economic parameters. Construction of the facility will reduce the amount of harmful substances discharged into River Danube by the treatment of waste waters which include: oily waters, atmospheric waters containing oil and oil derivatives (heavy oil), as well as waste waters to be generated by flue gas desulphurization (FGD), via wet limestone process prior to the discharge into the recipient.