Oil_01 / Adamowo (PL) -Brody (UA) Oil Pipeline

Brief project description

The Brody – Adamowo oil pipeline project envisages the construction of the pipeline, which will connect the Main Oil Transfer Pumping Station “Brody” (the end point of the existing Odessa – Brody oil pipeline in Ukraine) with the oil tank farm in Adamowo (the connection point to northern line of Druzhba pipeline system). It is an integral part of the Euro-Asian Oil Transportation Corridor (EAOTC), by which the Caspian and Central Asian crude oil will be delivered to customers in Poland and other European countries. The corridor starts in Azerbaijan, runs through the territory of Georgia, Black Sea, Ukraine and Poland, and creates opportunities for transporting crude oil to Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, and through Sea Oil Terminal Gdansk – to the recipients in Baltic countries. The Brody – Adamowo Oil Pipeline also creates the possibility to transport the crude oil in reverse mode – from Baltic Sea to the consumers in Ukraine, Slovak and Czech Republic.

The Project envisages the construction of the following infrastructure:

• Pipeline between the Main Oil Transfer Pumping Station “Brody” (Ukraine) and oil tank farm in Adamowo (Poland). Its total length is 396,3 km (270,6 km in Poland + 125,7 km in Ukraine). Diameter of the pipe is 800 mm (32”). Initial capacity - 10 MTA.

• One main pump station (in Brody).

• Control system SCADA with optical fiber cable along the pipeline

• 29 block valve stations (6 on the Ukrainian side and 23 on Polish side).