Gas_22 / SCP-(F)X Azerbaijan - Georgia

Brief project description

Editors Note: Project promoter did not update the available information

SCP started gas deliveries to Georgia and Turkey in 2006. Current capacity: 7.4 bcma, length: 692.0 km. SCPX objective is, being a part of the Southern Gas Corridor, to expand the existing SCP gas transportation system capacity from 7bcma to 23bcma (+16bcma plateau annual average) delivered to the Georgia-Turkey border. This is to be accomplished by building a new 48” pipeline loop in parallel with the existing SCP. The total length of the line loop is approximately 489km (424km in Azerbaijan, 63km in Georgia and 2km for the SCPX/TANAP interconnection at the Georgia-Turkey border). In Georgia two new intermediate compressor stations have been constructed (CSG1 and CSG2). SCPFX is the next phase of further expansion, which will also be a part of SCP gas transportation system, and which will enable the system to increase transported volumes of natural gas to EU markets up to additional 5 bcma.