Gas_18 / Romania - Moldova Gas Interconnector

Brief project description

Editorial Note: Project information was submitted only by SNTGN Transgaz SA

MOLDOVA: The overall objective of the project “Interconnection gas pipeline between the Natural Gas Transmission System of Romania and the Natural Gas Transmission System of the Republic of Moldova on the Iasi-Ungheni-Chisinau direction” is to ensure a high level of energy security of the Republic of Moldova and the North-East part of Romania by diversifying the sources of natural gas.

The construction of the first phase of the Project, a segment about 33km (10km on the territory of RM), from Iasi to Ungheni, was finalized in 2014. The interconnector Iasi – Ungheni has been constructed and put into operation with low throughput in March 2015.

The second phase of the Project, Ungheni-Chisinau segment, can be seen as extension of the existing Romanian- Moldovan Interconnector Pipeline. The new pipeline will tie-in into the existing Interconnector, close to Ungheni and will transport the gas to Chisinau

ROMANIA: To streamline project implementation, the project consists in the achievement of the following objectives:

  • building of a new gas transmission pipeline DN700, L=165.15 km x Pn 55 bar, in the Onești – Gherăești - Lețcani direction;
  • building of 2 Gas Compressor Stations at Onești and Gherăești, each with 2 compressor units , one active and one back-up.