Gas_13 / Albania - Kosovo* Gas Pipeline (ALKOGAP)

Brief project description

This interconnection gas pipeline project, of about 255 km total length, would create the preconditions for the further development of the natural gas markets of Albania, and the creation and development of the natural gas markets of Kosovo* in the estimated annual level of 1,12 bcm (refer to the Gas MasterPlan of Albania in 2040: 0,02 bcm for Albania and 1,1 bcm for Kosovo*). It would be possible to further increase the pipeline capacity (double or triple), should ALKOGAP be used to supply Serbia, FYR of Macedonia, and other countries with Caspian or Middle East gas  - achieving thus a regional gas market integration.

Besides benefits to the regional market, this interconnection gas pipeline project, would also provide a significant economic development incentive to the transit countries. Since Trans Adriatic Pipeline project (TAP project) is the winning project behind the planned Southern Gas Corridor for transporting the Caspian Gas to Europe, and there is certainity that Ionian Adriatic Pipeline project (IAP project) will be implemented, ALKOGAP appears to have a secure supply source.