Gas_11 / Gas Interconnector Serbia - North Macedonia

Brief project description

Editors Note: Project information was not updated by both project promoters

The project consists of an interconnection between the gas transmission systems of Serbia and North Macedonia, in two distinct parts that are going to be built and operated by the respective TSOs (SRBIJAGAS and NER).

The project would allow:
- Increased competitiveness of the natural gas markets of the hosting countries
- Connecting of North Macedonia and Serbia with the region (market integration) which would lead to economic, financial and social benefit.
- Development of the region in terms of using the natural gas as energy source as well as security of energy supply in the economic development of the region
- Introducing a higher level of security of supply for achieving economic and social benefits
- Advancement and protection of the environment with higher utilization of natural gas as ecologically clean fuel, etc.
- The project would allow NER to increase the utilisation of its infrastructre for transit, thus enabling the reduction of the transportation tariff
- The project can allow SRBIJAGAS the faster development of the gas infrastructure in southern Serbia.