Energy transition in the Energy Community

Framing of political willingness and legislation to support market integration and decarbonization started with the adoption of the Decarbonisation Roadmap and five key legislative acts stemming from the EU’s Clean Energy for all Europeans package (CEP) at the 2021 Ministerial Council. 

The Secretariat's actions and activities in the area of energy transition can be split in three, distinct phases.

  • 2016 - 2019:  The Secretariat acted as one of the implementing organisations of the Western Balkan 6 Initiative (WB6) initiative. It was in charge of  a 24 months technical assistance project, CONNECTA, aiming to assist the six Western Balkan governments to achieve their goal of a regional energy market. 
  • 2020 - 2021: After CONNECTA, the Secretariat continued to monitor the energy transition in the Western Balkans. The three WB6 Energy Transition Tracker editions monitored endeavors of all relevant stakeholders, including governments, investors, market players and citizens in the energy transition, on the path to decarbonisation.  
  • 2022 - onwards: With the first elements of CEP legal framework set in place, the scope of the Tracker was expanded.The Secretariat now monitors energy transition efforts of all nine Contracting Parties.

Energy Transition Tracker

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Western Balkan 6 Initiative (WB6) initiative

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