Support to Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy in Georgia

Energy efficiency Renewable energy

Beneficiary Country:

  • Georgia Georgia

Donation passport

Starting Year: 2015
Ending Year: 2019
Budget: 0.8 mil. EUR
Type of Donation: Technical assistance
Status: Closed

Lead Donor Contact

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark / Danida

Short description of the overall project

The programme Support to Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy in Georgia consists of two development engagements with the overall objective of strengthening energy efficiency and sustainable energy in Georgia. This includes implementing energy reforms outlined in the EU Georgia Association Agreement. The first development engagement supports the development of Georgian legislation and regulation to enable electricity from renewable energy sources to feed into the national power grid, to develop energy efficiency building codes and labelling of energy efficiency levels on products as well as strengthening the capacity for monitoring and reporting on national energy consumption. The second engagement supports the demonstration of energy efficient building design in practice through energy renovation of public buildings and associated awareness raising campaigns and training of energy auditors.


Short description of activities financed by the donation

  • Energy efficiency measures are demonstrated in minimum 60.000 m2 public buildings. One year energy performance monitoring and energy management system implemented (N1)
  • Energy Statistic System (D3)
  • Training of Energy Auditors and identification of an auditor team (N2)