Phase I Deliverables

The EU4Energy Governance project has proven to be instrumental in providing assistance to the public authorities of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine in order to modernize and adjust their legislative and regulatory framework towards a more competitive and sustainable energy market. During the four years, the team worked with the Eastern Partner countries both in a bilateral and regional format.

EU4Energy Phase I (2016 -2020) in numbers



 Regional   dimension

92 draft legal acts and studies / recommendations / methodologies / reports / platforms were developed. A total of 1340 experts were trained.  202 experts were trained and 5 projects identified.
429 in Georgia 361 in Ukraine 550 in Moldova
Parallel to 15 high-level policy talks, 221 working meetings and webinars were held at expert level.
67 in Georgia 81 in Ukraine 79 in Moldova

Key deliverables and results

Implementation and results

Laws, rules and recommendations


training materials, tutorials


Work programmes, newsletters, blog

Overview of the EU4Energy Phase I