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The EU4Energy Governance team produces several types of publications: newsletters, country leaflets, policy and citizen briefs to keep you updated on the developments in countries and within the Project. Subscribe for e-mail notification messages when an EU4Energy news item is published.

EU4Energy newsletters provide a digest of the main project developments in the period. They also provide facts and figures on the results achieved as well as links to the latest EU4Energy publications, blog posts and media stories.

EU4Energy Newsletters

July 2018

December 2018

Policy Briefs

The policy briefs are aimed at policy and decision makers to help them better understand the key benefits and challenges of the energy reforms being supported by the EU4Energy Governance project. They also provide policy and decision makers with key recommendations for action.

Moldova's electricity market reforms: the time is now - upcoming

How will Georgian citizens benefit from the new law on energy efficiency in buildings? - upcoming