updated: 22 Jun 2017


Energy Community offers job opportunities at the seat of its Secretariat in Vienna. Job announcements follow in accordance to an approved establishment plan of the Energy Community by its Ministerial Council. On the occasssion of an open recruitment process, the vacancy notice is posted in this subsection. 


Careers for staff members of the Secretariat are organised in the field of the energy and related topics. To be considered for recruitment, a candidate must first succeed in an open competition organised according to the Rules for Recruitment, Working Conditions and Geographical Equilibrium in its most recent edition. The contracts are of limited duration of three years and are renewable. The terms and conditions of employment are laid down in accordance with the Staff Regulations of the Energy Community.


The Secretariat of the Energy Community is responsible for organisation of the selection procedures in accordance with the applied rules. Participation in a competition requires a university level of education and minimum of professional experience of three years. 


For operational questions, please, refer in written to recruitment@energy-community.org.


 Procedural Act No.2006-02 Rules for Recruitment, Working Conditions and Geographical Equilibrium
 Staff Regulations, consolidated version