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14 Feb 2012 EVN gives an update on the Croatian Gas Distribution Network

Yesterday, Mrs Evelyn Panis and Mr. Vlado Mandic, representing EVN Croatia paid a visit at the Energy Community Secretariat. EVN has two licenses and acts as the gas DSO and the local retail supplier in Croatia. Mrs Panis and Mr. Mandic provided the Secretariat an update of the latest developments in Croatian gas sector.

To this end, the discussions focused on the challenges related to integration of the new gas distribution network constructed in the City of Zadar into the overall Croatian gas system. After having obtained licenses for DSO and retail supply in December 2011, EVN Croatia expressed its plans to construct distribution networks for two other counties in southern part of Croatia.

When talking about challenges, EVN Croatia misses a proper tariff for distribution network in Croatia. This is particularly problematic when taking into account the substantial investments prior to operations. From EVN Croatia’s point of view, the methodology in force appears to match better to the needs of the existing distribution networks.

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