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18 Jan 2012 The Director of Nabucco International visits the Secretariat

Today Mr. Reinhard Mitschek, Managing Director and Mr. Christian Dolezal, Head of communication from Nabucco Gas Pipeline International GmbH, paid a visit to the Secretariat. Mutual updates on the latest developments stood at the centre of the discussions.

According to its management, Nabucco offers the most comprehensive legal framework, which builds on intergovernmental agreements and is in full compliance with EU energy laws. Nabucco has already negotiated exemption clauses with the EU (under 2. package) which were signed by all transit countries in both intergovernmental and project support agreements. Nabucco can therefore offer a fixed, long term transportation tariff in all the five Nabucco countries on the basis of a unified legal framework. As regards South East Europe, Nabucco is in a position to deliver gas to the whole southern corridor.

The Secretariat was further informed, that Nabucco submitted an offer to Shah Deniz II and waits now for the final Azeri decision on the preferred project. Mr. Mitschek emphasized that the Nabucco shareholders will decide on the next steps based on commercial criteria. There are alternatives how to execute the project. Nabucco also stands open for cooperation with the other planned gas projects.

Director Slavtcho Neykov, in return, stressed that the Energy Community has no explicit preference concerning the planned gas pipeline projects - the Community is looking towards diversification of gas supply options and to gasification where it is still missing. To this end, the Secretariat underlined the region’s shift in attitudes to favour a more regional action. Such an approach is reflected in the Energy Community’s efforts to prepare a regional energy strategy, putting special focus on generation and infrastructure projects.

  Presentation by Nabucco Gas Pipeline International GmbH
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