updated: 22 Jun 2017

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01 Feb 2011 Ukraine to accede the Energy Community as of 1 February

Today officially marks the second enlargement of the Energy Community - upon completion of all legal procedures, on this date Ukraine will become a full fledged member of the Energy Community.

"We welcome the accession of Ukraine to the Energy Community, which represents a major step both for this organisation and for the new member. We are confident that Ukraine's active and responsible membership of the Energy Community will bring Ukraine's citizens and businesses closer to the European Internal Energy Market", stated Mr. Fabrizio Barbaso, Deputy Director General for Energy at the European Comission.
“The accession of Ukraine grants the Energy Community completely new dimensions. The geographical concept of Western Balkans, with which the process was linked initially, is no longer valid. Thus, when referring to the Energy Community Treaty, the focus is on expanding the EU energy policy throughout Europe on the ground of clear legal basis. Being an important gas transit country, the accession of Ukraine will have a positive impact on the European security of energy supply, which is a win-win situation for all participants in the process”, stated Mr. Slavtcho Neykov, Director of the Energy Community Secretariat. Ukraine’s membership not only changes the geographic scope, but also puts the Energy Community’s key energy statistics on a new scale.

Parallel to the ratification process, the work on implementing the Treaty requirements has already begun along a developed concrete Action Plan. This dynamic tool reflects the Secretariat’s assessment on the status quo and indicates what still needs to be done by the Ukrainian authorities. To this end, the Energy Community Secretariat recalls that adoption of key secondary legislation and market rules is still ahead.

  Letter by the Secretary General of the Council of the European Union


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