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14 Aug 2008 Announcing Gas Distribution Conference

Energy Community Secretariat and the Regulatory Boad with the support of the European Commission will organise the first Gas Distribution Conference in Zagreb, Croatia on 25 September 2008. The venue of the conference will be the Sheraton Zagreb Hotel in Zagreb.

The penetration of natural gas in the energy market is still rather limited in South Eastern Europe. However, success achieved by gas distribution in parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Greece and Romania, as well as in-depth studies, have shown that this may well be the most promising new market in Europe.

Several new projects aimed at increasing and diversifying European supplies, are bringing more natural gas to the region, from both old and new sources. This is a great opportunity for the exploitation of a cleaner and cheaper energy resource in South Eastern Europe as well.

At the Developing Gas Distribution in South Eastern Europe conference the participant will:

- learn the latest updates concerning projects to supply South Eastern Europe with more gas;
- hear about government plans and regulatory policies to promote gasification;
- learn about costs and market challenges of gasification;
- meet fellow members of the gas industry from the region and the rest of Europe, who are also current and potential partners in the development of gas distribution;
- listen to the approach of leading financial institutions to support of gas projects in South Eastern Europe;
- compare successful gasification experiences from the region and from neighboring countries.

Participation in the Conference will be free of charge. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further details.



For media enquiries, please contact Barbora Poyner at barbora.poyner@energy-community.org or +43 (0)1 535 2222-15.