updated: 01 Sep 2015

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01 Sep 2015 Secretariat requests Kosovo* to abandon customs duties on imports of petroleum products

Yesterday the Energy Community Secretariat submitted a Reasoned Opinion as the next step in the dispute settlement case against Kosovo* for levying customs duties on imports of certain petroleum products from EU Member States and Contracting Parties.

01 Sep 2015 Director presents state of Serbia’s acquis implementation to National Parliament

Today Director of the Secretariat Kopač presented the state of Serbia's implementation of the Energy Community acquis to the country’s Parliament.

28 Aug 2015 Energy Community celebrates 10 years

The celebration ceremony of the 10th anniversary of the Energy Community, marking the signing of the Energy Community Treaty, gathered together Prime Ministers, Ministers of Economy, Energy and Foreign Affairs, Members of the European Commission, Parliamentarians and other high level guests on 27 August in the State Hall of the Austrian National Library in Vienna.

20 Aug 2015 Moldova publishes price statistics for the first time

The Moldovan National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has for the first time collected and published the prices of electricity and gas charged to the industrial end users and to households. Published on its website, the presentation of the prices follows the break down pursuant to Directive 2008/92/EC on Transparency of Electricity and Gas Prices Charged to Industrial End Users.

12 Aug 2015 Independence of Moldovan energy regulator threatened again

The Secretariat is concerned about the attempts to influence the energy regulator of Moldova, ANRE, in its decision-making. Independence of the regulator from political influence ranks among the most important principles of the Energy Community. In the past, the regulator’s independence has already been seriously impaired by the removal of ANRE’s former Director General from office. Recent events indicate that the alarming practice of influencing the regulator’s decision-making continues in Moldova. By a letter to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Stephane Bridé, the Secretariat had already raised its concerns as regards the delay in adoption by the Parliament of ANRE’s 2015 budget and a tariff review carried out by the Court of Auditors.



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