updated: 17 Apr 2015

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15 Apr 2015 Director Kopač welcomes today’s signature of synchronisation agreement of Turkish power system with Continental Europe Synchronous Area

Delivering a keynote speech at the signature ceremony of the long-term agreement on the permanent synchronous operations of the Turkish power system with the Continental Europe Synchronous Area between ENTSO-E and Turkish TSO TEIAS in Brussels today, Director Kopač said:

I sincerely welcome today’s signature. It is a great success and the result of enormous efforts by all parties involved. The commitment to address the complex technical, operational and legal challenges is an excellent example of pan-European market integration. It is exactly this pan-European dimension that is also crucial for the future Energy Union: recent events have reminded us once again that it is impossible to imagine security of supply and the development of a genuinely competitive energy market in the EU without carefully involving its neighbours. I hope that further discussion about the creation of the Energy Union will offer a chance to EU and Turkish decision-makers to overcome the standstill in the energy chapter accession talks and bring Turkey on board.”

10 Apr 2015 Secretariat’s first Country Brief – Spotlight on Ukraine – now online

Read the Secretariat’s first County Brief “Spotlight on Ukraine” to find out about the latest developments in Ukraine’s energy sector and our work in the country to support the implementation of the Energy Community acquis.

09 Apr 2015 Statement of Director Kopač on adoption of Third Package compliant gas law in Ukraine

I sincerely welcome today’s adoption of the new gas market law which is in compliance with the Third Energy Package by the Ukrainian Parliament. This brings to an end an intensive process, in which the Energy Community Secretariat was strongly involved. The law was drafted by the Secretariat and submitted to the Ukrainian authorities in April 2014. The Secretariat continued to actively support the law’s adoption, starting from the technical level to presenting and defending the law in front of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Minister and Parliament. The law was adopted by an overwhelming majority of votes, notably by 290 in favour out of 422.”

08 Apr 2015 Revised security of gas supply regulation covering the Energy Community is best guarantee for Europe’s security of gas supply

Today the Secretariat submitted its views to the European Commission’s public consultation on the revision of Regulation (EU) no 994/2010 on measures to safeguard the security of gas supply. The Regulation is currently not in force in the Energy Community Contracting Parties. Yet, EU Member States and the Energy Community Contacting Parties share the same gas infrastructures and thus the same security of supply risks. These risks can only be mitigated effectively under a common institutional and regulatory framework. The revised rules on the security of gas supply should be applied equally in the EU Member States as well as the Energy Community Contracting Parties.

31 Mar 2015 Energy Community regulators to participate in EU’s Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators

Following an initiative by the Secretariat, the European Commission and the Agency for Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) have clarified the conditions for the participation of Contracting Parties' national regulatory agencies as observers in the Board of Regulators of ACER. This will yield a better and more efficiently linked institutional set-up within the internal energy market governed by the Third Energy Package.



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