updated: 04 May 2016

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04 May 2016 Secretariat proposes use of “switch on clause” to close Third Energy Package regulatory gap

In a letter sent to the European Commission on 2 May, the Secretariat underlined the need for Third Energy Package Network Codes to be applied on the interconnection points on the interface between EU Member States and the Energy Community Contracting Parties. This would ensure equal treatment of internal energy market interconnection points on the borders between the European Union and the Contracting Parties and thus remove one of the obstacles to pan-European energy market integration.

03 May 2016 Secretariat publishes its third CESEC report on gas market integration

The Secretariat published its third monitoring report on the implementation of the Action Plan under the Central and South-Eastern European Gas Connectivity (CESEC) Memorandum of Understanding on 2 May. The bi-monthly reports track progress of the implementation of concrete legislative and other market integration actions which are necessary for the CESEC objectives to be achieved. The initiative covers Albania, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine and Moldova.

02 May 2016 Secretariat opens public consultation on potential priority infrastructure projects in line with TEN–E Regulation

Today marks the beginning of a public consultation on the selection of priority infrastructure projects in line with EU Regulation 347/2013, as adapted for the Energy Community. In October 2015, the Ministerial Council of the Energy Community adopted the Decision D/2015/09/MC-EnC on the implementation of Regulation (EU) 347/2013 on the Guidelines for Trans-European Energy Infrastructure (the TEN–E Regulation).

27 Apr 2016 Western Balkans 6 TSOs, regulators and energy ministers agree on day-ahead market integration and cross-border balancing targets

Today representatives of transmission system operators, national regulatory authorities, and ministries of energy and power exchanges of the Western Balkans 6 countries1 committed to implementing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) setting out general principles of cooperation as well as concrete actions to develop the regional electricity market. The memorandum of understanding was signed at the premises of the Energy Community Secretariat in Vienna.

26 Apr 2016 Director Kopač meets Ukraine’s new political leadership

On 25 April, Director Kopač met Ukraine’s new political leaders in the country’s capital Kyiv. With the four ministers responsible for Energy Community agenda, Mr Kopač discussed the most urgent issues in terms of fulfilling the country’s commitments under the Energy Community Treaty.



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