updated: 27 Mar 2017

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27 Mar 2017 Two years of Ukrainian Gas Sector Reform Implementation Plan – where we are and where are we going?

Two years have passed since Ukraine adopted the Gas Sector Reform Implementation Plan aimed at, inter alia, ensuring compliance with the Energy Community legal framework. The Secretariat’s report published today provides a comprehensive assessment of Ukraine’s progress with respect to the Plan’s implementation. Besides reviewing the legislative and regulatory framework in the energy sector, the Secretariat’s assessment looks into all aspects of the Plan, including reform measures in the areas of prices and social assistance, domestic gas production as well as unbundling and regulatory independence.

22 Mar 2017 Energy Community State Aid Network takes shape

In the framework of the 10th anniversary of Moldova’s Competition Council on 16 March 2017, the Council’s President Ms Viorica Carare and Ms Marie-Therese Richter, Energy Lawyer at the Secretariat, signed the Joint Declaration on the establishment of an Energy Community State Aid Network. State aid authorities in Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina have already signed the declaration, whilst the authorities of the other Contracting Parties are expected to join the Network in the coming weeks.

21 Mar 2017 Energy Efficiency Coordination Group adopts Work Programme 2017-2018 and elects new Chairman

The Energy Community Energy Efficiency Coordination Group (EECG) is a regional working group and platform for the implementation of the energy efficiency acquis and coordination of donor support programmes in this field. At its March meeting, the EECG adopted a new Work Programme for 2017-2018 focused on the implementation of Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency, national energy efficiency action plans (NEEAPs) and their monitoring, promotion of the exemplary role of the public sector and energy services, as well as coordination and promotion of existing donor support activities and regional initiatives (WB6 Sustainability Charter, REEP Plus, etc).

20 Mar 2017 Secretariat escalates infringement case against Serbia for lack of participation in a regional platform for allocation of electricity cross-border capacities

On 17 March 2017, the Secretariat sent a Reasoned Opinion to Serbia for non-compliance of the national electricity transmission operator, Elektromreža Srbije (EMS), with its obligation under Energy Community law to participate in a regionally coordinated mechanism for allocation of electricity cross-border capacities. The Reasoned Opinion is the second step in the dispute settlement procedure initiated by the Secretariat in 2011. Despite various negotiations between the Secretariat and the Serbian parties since then, EMS at no point in time complied with the relevant obligations of the Energy Community acquis communautaire.

17 Mar 2017 Secretariat requests Serbia to comply with competition legislation

Yesterday, the Energy Community Secretariat submitted a Reasoned Opinion to Serbia for its non-compliance with the competition acquis, as the next step in the dispute settlement case. In the Reasoned Opinion, the Secretariat reiterates its view expressed in the Opening Letter, that by ratifying an agreement requiring undertakings to adopt anti-competitive conduct in the sense of Article 18(1)(a) of the Treaty, Serbia deprived this provision of its effectiveness and thereby infringed its obligations under the Energy Community Treaty.



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