updated: 22 Jun 2017

Date 24 Oct 2013
Country Serbia
Location Hotel Metropol Palace
Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 69
Belgrade 11000

Phone: (381)(11) 3333100
Fax: (381)(11) 3333300
List of participants of the 11th Ministerial Council
Draft Agenda of the 11th Ministerial Council
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Curriculum vitae Wolfgang Urbantschitsch
27th PHLG Conclusions
29th PHLG Conclusion
28th PHLG Conclusions
Advisory Commitee's Opinion on Case ECS-8/11 against Bosnia and Herzegovina
Annual Implementation Report 2013
Annual Report on the Activities of the Energy Community 2013
Appointment of the Advisory Committee
Budget Committee Report on Audit 2012
Curriculum vitae Helmut Schmitt
Curriculum vitae Rajko Pirnat
Director’s Report on execution of the Energy Community Budget 2012
Energy Community Work Programme 2014 - 2015
Explanatory Memorandum on the draft budget 2014-2015
Explanatory Note Projects of Energy Community Interest
List of Projects of Energy Community Interest (PECI)
List of projects submitted as candidate Projects of Energy Community Interest
Orientation Debate: Obstacles to further opening of EnC energy markets
Outline of the Social Strategy
Reasoned Request in Case ECS-8-11
Report on the Audit of the Financial Statements for the Year ended 31 December 2012
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Decision 2013/01/MC-EnC on discharge of the director for the year 2012
Decision 2013/02/MC-EnC on Implementation of Regulation (EU) 147/2013 on Statistics
Decision 2013/03/MC-EnC on extending the duration of the Energy Community Treaty
Decision 2013/04/MC-EnC on failure by Bosnia and Herzegovina to comply with the EnC Treaty in Case ECS-08/11
Decision 2013/05/MC-EnC on Implementation of Directive 2001/80/EC on the limitation of emissions of certain pollutants into the air from large combustion plants
Decision 2013/06/MC-EnC on Implementation of Chapter III, Annex V, and Article 72(3)-(4) of Directive 2010/75/EU
Procedural Act 2013/01/MC-EnC amending Rules of Procedure of the Ministerial Council
Procedural Act 2013/02/MC-EnC amending Annex IV of the Treaty with respect to Croatia becoming Participant
Procedural Act 2013/03/MC-EnC on adoption of the Energy Community budget for the years 2014-2015
Procedural Act 2013/04-MC-EnC on setting up a High Level Reflection Group
Recommendation 2013/01/MC-EnC on energy efficiency
Rules of Procedure of the Energy Community Advisory Committee
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Conclusions of the 11th Ministerial Council
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