updated: 22 Jun 2017




According to the Article 96 of the Treaty, any neighbouring third country may be accepted as an Observer to the Energy Community. At its first meeting in Nov 2006,  the Ministerial Council adopted a Procedural Act 2006/05/MC-EnC on acceptance of countries as Observers. The following rules and principles apply:

1. The applicant country must submit reasoned request to the Presidency in Office.

2. The Presidency shall notify the request to the Ministerial Council at the next meeting.

3. The Presidency may ask the Secretariat to prepare additional information in relation to the request.

4. The decision of the Ministerial Council shall be taken unanimously.



Rights and Obligations


According to the  Procedural Act 2006/05/MC-EnC, the Observers have the following rights and obligations: 

1. The Observers to the Energy Community have the rights to be represented at the institutional meetings.

2. The Observers are entitled to receive any information distributed before, during and after the
relevant meetings.

3. The Observers follow any requirements for confidentiality, which are valid to the Parties.

4. The Observers may make statements upon request and consequent permission by the Chair.



Observers at present


The 1st Ministerial Council accepted  Moldova, Norway, Turkey and Ukraine as an Observer to the Energy Community Treaty. Upon reasoned request by Georgia, the Ministerial Council accepted Georgia as an Observer in Dec 2007. Similarly, Armenia was granted an Observer status by the 9th Ministerial Council in Oct 2011.

 After having received the Observer status, Moldova, Ukraine and Turkey formally expressed their interest in full membership. Whilst Moldova became a full fledged member as of 1 May 2010, Ukraine officially acceded the Energy Community on 1 February 2011.


As of 6 Oct 2011, the following Observers are part of the process:

Government Building 2, Republic Square, 375010 Yerevan,
tel: +374 10 521964
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Armenia
22 Saryan St,375002 Yerevan, REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA
tel.: +(374 1) 522 522
fax: +(374 1) 525 563
Public Services Regulatory Commission of Republic of Armenia
10 Lermontov str. 0105
Tbilisi, GEORGIA
tel: +995 (32) 98 85 29
Ministry of Energy
45 Al. Kazbegi Ave, 0177
Tbilisi, GEORGIA
tel: +(995 32) 31-14-70
fax: +(995 32) 31-17-49
The Electricity System Commercial Operator
P.O.Box 8148 Dep
NO-0033 Oslo, NORWAY
tel: +47 22 24 67 05
fax: +47 22 24 27 78
Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Oil and Gas Department
P.O. Box 5091 Majorstua
N-0301, Oslo, NORWAY
tel:+47 (22) 959 121
fax:+47 (22) 959 000
The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE)
Inou Bulvari, No: 27
Bahcelievler-Ankara, TURKEY
tel:+90 (312) 215 83 52 / +90
fax:+90 (312) 223 69 84
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources
Muhsin Yazicioglu C. No: 51/C 06530
Yuzuncuyil/ Ankara, TURKEY
tel:+90 312 201 40 00
fax:+90 312 201 40 50 bilgi@epdk.org.tr
Energy Market Regulatory Authority of Turkey,