updated: 29 May 2017





In Oct 2013, the Energy Community Ministerial Council established a High Level Reflection Group (HLRG). The Group was mandated to assess the adequacy of the institutional set up and working methods of the Energy Community in achieving the objectives of the Treaty. It is to take into account the organization’s evolution over the past years, including its extended membership, and to make proposals for improvements to the Ministerial Council in 2014. The Council appointed Mr. Jerzy Buzek as the Chair of the HLRG. On 17 Dec 2013, the Permanent High Level Group endorsed Ms. Vesna Borozan, Mr. Walter Boltz, Mr. Fabrizio Donini Ferretti, Mr. Volodymyr Makukha and Mr. Goran Svilanović as additional members of the Group.


 Procedural Act PA/2013/04-MC-EnC on setting up a High Level Reflection Group



THE HLRG REPORT “An Energy Community for the Future



 Based on its assessment, the HLRG published its final report “An Energy Community for the Future”  on 11 Jun 2014, which concluded that the Energy Community’s ambitious goals cannot be met  without reforming the organisation’s legal, procedural and institutional set-up.


 The Group’s recommendations comprise: 

  1. Additional measures to create a Single European Energy Market: widening of the acquis, better links to EU institutions
  2. A toolkit to increase investment flows: introduction of a risk mitigation scheme for investments
  3. Stronger enforcement: gradual replacement of the current dispute settlement procedure by a Court of Justice
  4. More funding: for technical assistance and investments, conditional on implementation of the acquis
  5. A more flexible membership structure: no geographical limitations, a two-tier membership structure
  6. Increased transparency: civil society and business granted an observer role in the Permanent High Level Group
 Energy Community High Level Reflection Group, Report on “An Energy Community for the Future”





In Sept 2014, the Ministerial Council adopted a roadmap on how the proposals of the High Level Reflection Group and those of other stakeholders would be taken forward. The Secretariat and the European Commission were tasked to prepare an analytical paper identifying options for the realization of these proposals, which would be put to public consultation. Whilst The public consulation ran from Feb  to 6 Mar 2015. This resulted in the adoption of a Roadmap on Reform Policy Guidelines by the Ministerial Council  in Oct 2015.


 At the Mar 2016 PHLG, the discussions on the possible Treaty reforms continued. For its part, the Secretariat presented its proposals for the 2016 Ministerial Council meeting. 

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 Proposal for a General Policy Guideline - Roadmap on Reform of the Energy Community
 Secretariat, Proposed Energy Community Treaty Changes for the 2016 Ministerial Council