updated: 29 May 2017



The Permanent High Level Group (PHLG) prepares the meetings of the Ministerial Council. Meeting generally four times a year, the PHLG is more closely involved in the Energy Community's day-to-day work.





According to the Treaty, the role of the PHLG is to:

  • prepare the work of the Ministerial Council;
  • give assent to technical assistance requests made by international donor organizations, international financial institutions and bilateral donors;
  • report to the Ministerial Council on progress made toward achievement of the objectives of this Treaty;
  • take Measures, if so empowered by the Ministerial Council;
  • adopt Procedural Acts, not involving the conferral of tasks, powers or obligations on other institutions of the Energy Community;
  • discuss the development of the acquis communautaire described in Title II on the basis of a report that the European Commission shall submit on a regular basis.

Following the Procedural Act 2015/02/MC-EnC on revised the Ministerial Council Rules of Procedure, the Permanent High Level Group may identify Measures for adoption by the Ministerial Council without further discussion and to determine these as A points as of Oct 2015. 


 PHLG Role - Title V Chapter II of the Treaty
  Consolidated Internal Rules of Procedure of the PHLG







The members of the PHLG are senior officials in the ministry in charge of energy. He/she is mandated to express the position of the respective Party in a manner binding on that Party and has the obligation as well as all necessary powers to coordinate positions internally before expressing them.


The PHLG is composed of one representative of each Contracting Party and two representatives of the European Union. The European Union is represented by senior officials of the European Commission. One non-voting representative of each Participant may participate in the PHLG meetings. 


The Presidency and the Vice-Presidency may agree to invite any other bodies, including civil society, to attend a relevant meeting on ad hoc basis. In this case, the Parties are to be notified three weeks in advance and to decide on the invitation by simple majority. 


The Presidency in Office has the right to decide where the next PHLG meeting will take place.

 PHLG meetings




The Procedural Acts-page list the secondary legislation adopted by the PHLG.