updated: 26 May 2017




The Fora embody the broadest discussion platform within the Energy Community, where ongoing and future legal, regulatory and practical developments of the Energy Community are discussed. The Fora serve to advise other Energy Community institutions. 






The Fora bring together all relevant stakeholders, including industry, regulators, industry representative groups, donors, academia and consumer interest groups. Whilst chaired by a representative of the European Union, the Fora adopt conclusions by consensus and forward them to the attention of the Permanent High Level Group.






The establishment of the  Energy Community Fora reflects the development of the Energy Community. The first Electricity Forum convened in 2002 - well before the signing of the Treaty. The Treaty makes an explicit reference to Electricity Forum and calls for the establishment of a Gas Forum. Whilst the activities of the Social Forum build on 2007 Ministerial Council conclusions, the Oil Forum was established by a Ministerial Council Decision in 2008.  



Electricity Forum


The Electricity Forum, better known as Athens Forum, accounts for the oldest institution within the Energy Community structures. Its meetings paved the way for the 2002 Athens Memorandum, and later for the drafting of the Treaty establishing the Energy Community. The Forum meets annually in Athens.  




Gas Forum


Gas agendas were part of the Athens process even prior to the entry into force of the Treaty. The Treaty makes an explicit reference to the creation of the Gas Forum. It meets annually in Slovenia since 2007. 




Oil Forum


The Oil Forum was created by a Decision of the Ministerial Council in 2008 in order to assist in the implementation of the Energy Community oil acquis.  It meets annually in Belgrade, Serbia since 2009.




Social Forum


The Social Forum convened annually from 2007 to 2014. It was established to review the implementation of the principles laid down in the Memorandum of Understanding on Social Issues adopted in 2007.