updated: 27 Mar 2015


Whilst Croatia began the EU accession negotiations on 3 Oct 2005, the chapter 15 on energy  was opened in Apr 2008. One and half year later, the negotiations on the chapter 15 were provisionally concluded in Nov 2009. The EU Member States decide to close accession negotiations with Croatia on 30 Jun 2011. Following the ratification procedure in all EU-27 and Croatia, accession is foreseen for 1 Jul 2013.

Each autumn the European Commission DG Enlargement publishes its annual EU Enlargement Strategy for the coming year. An integral part of the autumn package are the progress reports that sum up the progress achieved over the last twelve months. In light of the ongoing accession negotiations, the reports alrady examine "Croatia’s ability to assume the obligations of membership – that is, the acquis as expressed in the Treaties, the secondary legislation and the policies of the Union. It also analyses Croatia’s administrative capacity to implement the acquis. The analysis is structured in accordance with the list of 33 acquis chapters. In each sector, the Commission's assessment covers progress achieved during the reporting period, and summarises the country's overall level of preparations."



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