updated: 30 Mar 2017




This first Sustainable Charter report takes stock of the current situation in the areas covered by the Charter. Assessments are based upon the Secretariat’s experts’ own experience and exchange, desk research as well as information collected during interviews and country missions to Albania, Montenegro and Serbia (Nov 2016).


The analysis and indications included in the report give a sense of the scale of the reform needed. Progress made by countries under the

Sustainability Charter will be included in annual reports and discussed at Ministerial level during the next WB6 Summit in Italy (July 2017).



 Energy Community Secretariat’s WB6 Sustainability Charter Report 12/2016








1. Spot market development is still an area where substantial legal and institutional reforms are needed in order to reach the targets. So far Serbia is still the only country where a functional day-ahead market is operating as of February 2016.

2. Balancing, both in terms of developing national balancing markets and models for cross-border cooperation, remains the area where the most notable achievements were made.

3. As regards regional capacity allocation, Macedonian TSO  became a shareholder of the regional auction office SEE CAO and Serbia submitted an application to join SEE CAO, but an agreement has still not been reached.

4. Implementation of the cross-cutting measures is characterised by the slow pace of national reforms towards adoption of Third Package-compliant primary and secondary legislation as well as a lack of enforcement measures to implement the laws. The most critical elements are related to price deregulation, unbundling of system operators and regulatory independence.



 Energy Community Secretariat’s WB6 Electricity Monitoring Report 12/2016


Spot Market Development

status: Dec 2016


Cross-border Balancing


status: Dec 2016


Regional Capacity Allocation


status: Dec 2016


Cross-cutting Measures

status: Dec 2016



Overall Implementation of Soft Measures



status: Dec 2016