updated: 26 May 2017


By adopting the Energy Community Treaty, the Contracting Parties made legally binding commitments to adopt core EU energy legislation, the so-called “acquis communautaire” or “acquis”. The Treaty and its acquis evolve constantly to incorporate new sectors as well as update or replace older acts. This ensures that the Energy Community Contracting Parties keep pace with EU developments and continuously align their regulatory frameworks in the energy and related sectors to those of the EU.


Whilst the electricity, gas, energy efficiency, environment and renewable energy acquis underwent an update, new acquis on statistics and oil emergency stocks were added in 2012. In Oct 2015, a new infrastructure regulation was added to the list. 

Decisions to adopt new acquis and amend existing legal commitments are generally taken by a majority of the votes cast of the Ministerial Council on a proposal of the European Commission.