updated: 29 May 2017


Despite being treated equally by the acquis, the gas sectors in the Contracting Parties – where they exist – are even less open than the electricity markets. The issues which occupied the Energy Community during the last years were typically of a fundamental nature.  In most Contracting Parties, the reality stands in stark contrast to a sophisticated and widely compliant legislative framework. 


The lack of infrastructure and the dominance of one single supplier will prevent the development of liquid markets and make the region very vulnerable to threats to security of supply. To this end, diversification remains high on the agenda. Such like in the electricity sector, investment depends on functioning of the general legal and institutional environment which is yet to evolve and to replace the political governance of gas relations.






The following pages outline the instruments in place to fulfill the gas acquis obligations. To this end, two initiatives, Gas Ring, and Gas to Power Initiative, will be described. The section also provides details on Policy Guidelines as well as gas related Studies and Events