updated: 26 May 2017


Energy and environment are two closely interlinked matters. The generation, transmission and consumption of energy raise a number of questions in relation to the protection of  environment. This can mean emissions into the air, water and soil, intensive land use or waste management.  Although applicable only to the extent of network energy (i.e. electricity, gas and oil), the environmental acquis  is  diverse, complex and paired with substantial financial implications. Bearing in mind the high average age of the plants, low level of maintenance and a lack of significant investment, the implementation of the acquis poses the Contracting Parties a major challenge.






The following pages outline the instruments set in place to implement the environmental acquis obligations. The Secretariat's Opinion and its two Policy Guidelines aim to facilitate the implementation of the Large Combustion Plants Directive 2001/80/EC. Also the work of the Environmental Task Force deserves a special mention.  Two Studies and regular environmental Events further support the implementation process.