updated: 26 May 2017



For the Energy Community Contracting Parties, even more than for the European Union Member States, energy efficiency gives a perfect example of a win-win solution. When properly supported by a solid legal and institutional framework and backed up by well designed and implemented policy measures and programmes, increased energy efficiency brings about a multitude of positive effects on competitiveness, environment, security of energy supply and economic development in general.


To maximise the effects, the energy efficiency programmes must be properly supported by a solid legal and institutional framework, paired with well-designed and implemented policy measures and programmes.


In order to effectively tackle the common barriers and find common solutions and actions for the development and implementation of energy efficiency policy and programmes, the Secretariat is promoting and supporting integrated actions at regional level. The main regional body is the Energy Efficiency Coordination Group (EECG), supported by an online discussion platform (EE Forum).

source: International Energy Agency website







The following pages outline the work of EECG, including the strcuture and scope of the Energy Efficiency Action Plans. There also is page introducing the Secretariat's report on external financing opportunities. Parallel to the EECG meetings and other energy efficiency related events, the Secretariat has also financed several studies on energy efficiency.