updated: 26 May 2017



The way how the electricity markets in the Energy Community are generally organized is a good illustration of the challenges still ahead of the Contracting Parties but also of a new dynamism which can be observed in several of them. Seven years after entry into force of the Treaty, all Contracting Parties are aware of the importance of gradually opening the markets, the historical raison d’être of the Energy Community, and are revising their energy sector strategies accordingly.






The electricity policy instruments in place address by large market opening. These include Secretariat's Policy Guidelines and the work towards regional wholesale market opening. In the name of regional integration, the Energy Community has launched some key initiatives, such as the establishment of the 8th region,  the Coordinated Auction Office,  day-ahead target model, TSO balancing coperation and a platform for DSO. The Secretariat has also commissioned several electricity related studies to better address  bottleneck policy issues. The Athens Electricity Forum, and numerous other electricity related events, provide a discussion platform for exchanging best practice and lessons learned.