updated: 26 May 2017



source: compiled by the Energy Community Secretariat
for more details on the calculation of the implementation indicators, refer to methodology-page.

status: August 2016





Latest Developments in Montenegro
Areas of Work
Government of Montenegro adopts Renewable Energy Progress Report 2014-2015.
Renewable Energy

February 2017

Montenegro submits its 3rd Energy Efficiency Action Plan to the Secretariat.
Energy efficiency

June 2016

Montenegrin Parliament adopted the Law on Cross Border Exchange of Electricity and Natural Gas, completing the transposition of the acquis.
Third Energy Package

June 2016

CGES and the Serbian EMS implement a mechanism for exchange of balancing energy.

May 2016





The next pages display Montenegro's state of compliance and priorities for each energy sector, as identified by the Secretariat in its Implementation Report 2016. A market scheme on electricity demonstrates the level of market opening. Whilst in Autumn the pages reflect the findings of the annual Implementation Report, the content will be regularly updated in the months to come - to document the progress achieved by Montenegro.