updated: 22 Jun 2017



EU4Energy is a four-year programme of EU technical assistance (TA) launched in June 2016 (end date 24 June 2020). Earmarked with a budget of 6,8 mln EUR,  EU4Energy Component 3 "Legislative and Regulatory Environment and Key Energy Infrastructure" is funded by the European Union and co-financed and implemented by the Energy Community Secretariat and the Energy Charter Secretariat. 


As a a follow up to the INOGATE Programme, the project beneficiaries are:


  • Armenia,
  • Azerbaijan,
  • Belarus,
  • Georgia,
  • Moldova, and
  • Ukraine.

The overall objective of the Component 3 is to improve the countries' legislative and regulatory environment for the energy sector in line with their EU obligations and with best practice. 





The key objectives:

  • Preparation of the relevant primary and secondary legislation
  • Improvement of institutional framework for entire policy cycle
  • Enhancement of the investment climate through improved legal framework
  • Identification of priority energy infrastructure projects

are to be achieved with the help of the following technical activities:

  • A1. Provision of technical assistance on legislation and regulation in line with priorities set in the multi-annual and country work programmes
  • A2. Provision of TA on institutional development in line with priorities set in the multi-annual and country work programmes
  • A3. Regional / horizontal activities such as provision of TA on key energy infrastructure strategic projects and other regional activities.

For Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia, the focus will be on improving the energy legislative and regulatory framework and implementing policy recommendations, in line with Energy Community Treaty / Association Agreements / DCFTAs requirements. For the other Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries, the focus will be on EU best practice and acquis in agreed areas. 




The Energy Community Secretariat is responsible for the overall management of the Project and in particular for delivery of technical assistance to Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The Energy Charter Secretariat, co-implementer, will be responsible for delivery of technical assistance to the second group of countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus under the overall management of the Energy Community Secretariat as the main implementing organisation.


The implementation of project activities started with the approval of the Inception Report in March 2017. 






To guarantee a swift implementation, the Secretariat  has set up a  roster of experts aiming to provide assistance to the Secretariat within the framework of  EU4Energy grant contract. The call for roster of experts is on-going. Especially persons or/and legal entities with profound  expertise in the area of renewable energy, energy efficiency and environement are encouraged to apply.




Deputy Head of Eastern Partnership Assistance Unit
Renewables and Energy Efficiency Expert