13th Vienna Forum on European Energy Law focuses on the sector’s most topical issues

25 April 2023

The Vienna Forum on European Energy Law brought together more than 100 participants on 20 April 2023 to review the state of affairs in European energy policy and law. This year's conference focused on a variety of topics, including energy solidarity, industrial policy and state aid rules, market design reforms, and the reconstruction of Ukraine.

The event was co-chaired by Deputy Director Dirk Buschle of the Secretariat and Professor Leigh Hancher of the FSR Energy Union Law Area. The two institutions have been organizing the Vienna Energy Law Forum since 2013. The forum is an important platform for lawyers, academics, and policymakers to exchange ideas on the most topical issues of European energy law and policy.

The Forum opened with a panel discussing the reconstruction of Ukraine, including European and American support during the war, as well as plans and prospects for its green future. Another session focused on the concept of energy solidarity, where action has been overtaking the legal developments during the last year. The Forum engaged in discussions about the role of the state in responding to the multiple challenges of the Green Deal, including a new European approach to industrial policy and the application of State aid rules. The forum concluded with a session devoted to market design reforms.

The Vienna Forum on European Energy Law continues to play an important role in advancing the dialogue on energy law and policy in Europe between the European Union and the Energy Community Contracting Parties. In turbulent times such as these, this is more important than ever.