Secretariat publishes information about national legal monopolies for day-ahead and intraday trading services

19 April 2023

Regulation (EU) 2015/1222 establishing a guideline on capacity calculation and congestion management (‘CACM Regulation’), as adapted and adopted for the Energy Community by Ministerial Council Decision of December 2022, requires the Contracting Parties to ensure that one or more ‘nominated electricity market operator’ (NEMOs) are designated to perform the single day-ahead and/or intraday coupling by 15 June 2023, for which purpose, domestic and non-domestic market operators may be invited to apply to be designated as a NEMO.

If at the time of entry into force of CACM Regulation, namely on 15 December 2022, the national law expressly provided that no more than one entity within the Contracting Party can carry out day-ahead and intraday trading services, Contracting Parties must have notified the Secretariat by 15 February 2023. Only in case of timely notification, the Contracting Parties may refuse the designation of more than one NEMO per bidding zone.

The Secretariat today published a list reflecting information notified by the Contracting Parties in this respect and will follow-up with further updates on the implementation of the Electricity Package.

The CACM Regulation sets out harmonized rules to establish the so-called ‘single day-ahead coupling’ and ‘single intraday coupling’ integrating short-term markets of Energy Community Contracting Parties and with EU Member States. By coupling markets, the available cross-border capacity as well as all bids and offers of participating bidding zones are matched in an economically optimal manner, which increases social welfare for the benefit of all consumers.