EU joint gas purchasing attracts Contracting Parties interest

26 January 2023

On 25 January, the Energy Community Secretariat held a coordination meeting on joint gas purchasing, gathering high-level representatives of the European Commission, the Contracting Parties, gas companies, and industrial consumers. Co-Chaired by Director Lorkowski and Vice-President of European the Commission, Mr. Šefčovič, the meeting participants were engaged in discussing aspects of the Energy Community’s involvement in the EU-based initiative.

Reflecting on the discussions, Director Lorkowski said: “The Contracting Parties, their ministries as well as gas companies and big consumers expressed interest in joining the EU joint gas purchasing mechanism Energy Platform, which was opened for the Energy Community, to enhance their joint procurement of natural gas. The Secretariat will facilitate this process and assist our Contracting Parties in liaising with the EU Energy Platform and identifying the natural gas quantities, time frame, and expected location of deliveries, as a matter of urgency”.

Yesterday’s coordination meeting follows the first ad hoc Steering Board meeting of the EU Energy Platform held on 16 January 2023.