The EU  supports an efficient and competitive electricity market establishment in Georgia

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19 December 2022

On 15-16 December 2022, two workshops on assessing the progress in transposition and implementation of the EU acquis in Georgia, as provided by the Energy Community Treaty and bilateral agreements/partnerships with the EU, were held under the EU Energy Governance Project. The focus was on assessing the Law on Energy and Water Supply of Georgia (adopted at the end of 2019) and the Day-Ahead and Intraday Market Rules (delivered under EU4Energy, Phase I).

The objective of the technical assistance was to check the scale of proper transposition and implementation of EU acquis in Georgia in line with the Methodology on the Effective Monitoring of the Implementation Progress developed by the Energy Community Secretariat under EU4Energy (Phase II) and provide priority recommendations for further actions and improvements in Georgia’s legal and regulatory framework for the electricity market.

During the EU-supported workshops, key energy stakeholders in Georgia (MoESD, GNERC, GSE, GENEX and ESCO) together with experts of the Energy Community Secretariat and the service provider, discussed the findings and follow-up actions.

The technical assistance helped Georgian stakeholders better understand the transposition and implementation gaps and how they can be addressed to establish a solid foundation for the scheduled electricity market opening on 1 April 2023. It also enabled the Energy Community to check the efficiency of its assistance provided previously under the EU4Energy Project (Phase I).


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The EU4Energy Governance Project is co-funded by the European Union and implemented by the Energy Community Secretariat.

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