Moldova and Ukraine are on the way of the post-synchronization processes

Eu4Energy News
25 May 2022

The Energy Community Secretariat continues supporting Ukraine and Moldova in aligning their legal and regulatory frameworks with EU rules.

During the last few months, the Moldovan and Ukrainian power systems synchronised with the Continental European power system and Ukrenergo joined ENTSO-E as an observer. Today, the main stakeholders from Moldova and Ukraine (which included representatives of the national regulatory authorities (ANRE and NEURC), transmission system operators (Moldelectrica and Ukrenergo), EU Delegations to Moldova and Ukraine, European Commission and Energy Community experts discussed the needed post-synchronization processes. This technical assistance is the next step in supporting the electricity market development of Moldova and Ukraine under the EU4Energy Governance project. It will be focused on improving its functioning and stability, by addressing the settlement of unintentional deviations, capacity allocation and the inter-TSO compensation mechanism.

Improvement of existing capacity allocation mechanisms on the border between Moldova and Ukraine, which are highly inefficient and create significant barriers to cross-border activities, is key to allowing efficient commercial exchanges between both countries and with their EU neighbours. Improvements in the settlement of unintentional deviations and joining the ITC Mechanism by both TSOs are also needed steps that could advance the market integration process. As a result, it should benefit final customers through more accurate price signals and higher standards of services as well as contribute to the security of electricity supply in the region.



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