Energy Community Security of Supply Coordination Group holds emergency talks on gas supplies

6 May 2022

The Energy Community Security of Supply Coordination Group assessed possible risks facing each Contracting Party in case of a gas supply disruption from Russia and measures to help soften its impact at yesterday’s emergency meeting. The Group recalled the importance of risk preparedness, diversification of energy supply and necessity to remove any regulatory obstacles hindering the flow of gas. Infrastructure bottlenecks were also discussed.

The Group praised Ukraine’s efforts in ensuring that the gas transmission system operates without major disruptions or damages to the system, supplying gas to Europe in a professional manner from the beginning of the Russian aggression. The Group was briefed by the Secretariat on the activities of its Ukraine Support Task Force designated to assist Ukraine by providing emergency equipment for the energy sector.

The Contracting Parties were urged to upgrade their security of supply rules in accordance with Regulation 2017/1938 concerning measures to safeguard the security of gas supply, adopted by the November 2021 Energy Community Ministerial Council, as soon as possible.

Via the South-East European Gas (SEEGAS) Initiative, the Secretariat is supporting the diversification of gas supply in the region and working to further regional gas market integration and strengthen cross-border trading. This is important for ensuring security of supply especially in Ukraine and Moldova.