Household consumption surveys supported by Energy Community completed

20 December 2021

Accurate and reliable statistics are essential in terms of planning for the energy transition. This is why the Energy Community Secretariat has supported the Contracting Parties in conducting surveys on the consumption of different energy products and fuels in households in accordance with Regulation (EU) 431/2014. A particular focus was put on the consumption of biomass in order to accurately capture this form of energy from renewable sources in the energy mix.

Serbia is the last Contracting Party to participate in this technical assistance, where the resulting statistics were integrated into the country’s official statistics. In those Contracting Parties which responded positively, the consumption surveys financed by the Energy Community were already completed, namely energy consumption of households in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova and North Macedonia, and energy consumption of the service sector in Montenegro.

In Scope:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Georgia Georgia
  • Moldova Moldova
  • Montenegro Montenegro
  • North Macedonia North Macedonia
  • Serbia Serbia