Secretariat joins DSO Ready for Hydrogen initiative

20 October 2021

The Energy Community Secretariat joined the Ready for Hydrogen (Ready4H2) initiative powered by distribution system operators (DSOs) from 13 European countries. Launched today, the initiative aims to combine the expertise and experiences of DSOs to create a common understanding of how distribution networks can help facilitate hydrogen injection for producers and access to hydrogen for consumers.   

The initiative will run until February 2022 and envisages three concrete deliverables:

  • The first analysis will collect the experiences that European DSOs have with hydrogen projects and hydrogen infrastructure, including how DSOs are involved in their country’s hydrogen developments and how far the country’s hydrogen strategy has evolved.
  • The second analysis will examine how European DSOs can contribute to hydrogen development.
  • The third analysis will provide a roadmap with concrete initiatives on how DSOs at the European and national level can be a link between hydrogen producers and consumers.

The Secretariat has been invited to contribute to the initiative with its expertise and knowledge of Energy Community gas markets and its DSOs. It will also coordinate the submission of data by DSOs from the Energy Community Contracting Parties, especially Ukrainian DSOs having in mind the ongoing hydrogen pilot projects and strategy currently under development.