Decarbonisation more costly without market integration, concludes 26th Energy Community Electricity Forum

14 June 2021

The introduction of carbon pricing and simultaneous acceleration of market development and integration are the most critical actions the Contracting Parties should take to decarbonise their power sectors cost-effectively. This was the key message of the 26th Energy Community Electricity Forum, which took place on 10 – 11 June in a virtual format.

The Forum emphasised that the adoption of reforms to the Energy Community Treaty together with the Clean Energy Package and related electricity guidelines by the Contracting Parties are necessary to advance market integration with the EU. Moreover, having a carbon pricing scheme in place is a pre-condition for a Europe-wide level playing field.

The Forum called on stakeholders in the Contracting Parties to actively engage in and plan ahead for the energy transition, in line with the upcoming 2030 targets and Clean Energy Package, to be adopted at the 2021 Energy Community Ministerial Council.

The Forum emphasized the importance of establishing or enhancing short-term markets, namely day-ahead, intraday and balancing markets, for scaling up renewables and their better integration into the electricity market. Participants agreed that the transition to a carbon-neutral energy sector will increase the need for power system flexibility. This issue will be explored in a forthcoming study commissioned by the Secretariat on the assessment of flexibility needs and potentials in the Energy Community.