The European Parliament puts emphasis on the Energy Community in the European Strategies for Energy System Integration and for Hydrogen


20 May 2021

At its plenary session on 19 May 2021, the European Parliament adopted resolutions on two key strategies of the European Green Deal. By underlining the need for cross-border cooperation in energy system integration and in hydrogen on the basis of mutually respected rules and principles, the Parliament reiterated its engagement for a continent-wide green transition and its support for the Contracting Parties in this process. The rise of renewables will facilitate the phase-out of coal in the Energy Community only if the benefits of an integrated market with the Union are maintained. The revision of the Renewable Energy Directive will play a key role in this respect, and will be instrumental to ensure that incentives such as trading guarantees of origin with entities in EU Member States will support the growing share of renewable energy in Contracting Parties.