Secretariat completes first estimate of methane emissions from gas network operations in the Energy Community

3 May 2021

Today, the Secretariat unveiled the results of a first-ever estimate of methane emissions from gas transmission and distribution system operations in the Energy Community Contracting Parties. With methane being the second most powerful greenhouse gas, the sector’s significant potential to reduce methane emissions is being increasingly examined. Having in place effective monitoring and reporting mechanisms is a prerequisite for any concrete actions to reduce the sector’s methane emissions in the future. 

Based on data covering 93% and 71% of total gas transmission and distribution networks on the territory of the Energy Community Contracting Parties respectively, the study concludes that the estimated methane emissions in the Energy Community amounted to approximately 200 kt in 2019. This represents roughly 0,3% of world methane emissions by the oil and gas industry.

In the course of 2021, the Secretariat will launch a follow-up project to collect 2020 methane emissions and to open a discussion on target setting at company level. The scope of the project will be expanded to the entire energy sector of the Energy Community.

The Secretariat would like to thank all companies which took part in the reporting initiative on a voluntary basis and EU gas industry associations GIE and Marcogaz for their knowledge sharing and support in this process.